Wit-grijze zadelkamer. Meubeleiland van kastjes en uitschuifbare paarden deken steunen. Bittenhaken met bitten. Laarzenmeubel, zadelkastjes en zadelsteunen met zadels.

Tack room

Looking for a custom made tack room?

Veekens tack rooms make the finest tack rooms with passion and craftsmanship. Through our extensive experience and passion for wood, we create a perfect result together with you. Our approach includes personal contact, an in-house workshop and precise on-site assembly. 

In addition to tack rooms, we also design: various tack carriages and also sell various stable supplies. Which you can not miss in your horse stable. 

Discover our various options:

All kinds of different options exist for developing a perfect horse stable tack room for all your saddles. The great thing about this is that you can design them in various ways. As a result, we had already the pleasure of completing a number of successful diverse projects. 

Luxury tack room interior

Our luxury horse tack rooms are fully equipped and exude luxury and functionality. The focus here is therefore on high-quality craftsmanship. This room can be designed with spacious cabinet walls topped with a central island and an appropriate concrete look. 

Also consider smart options for storing all your various accessories. Such as a pull-out drawer for saddle pads and several coat racks for bridles and caps, for example. 

Add details like decorative frames, a prize cabinet or a leather seat. And your room will come into its own. You can add anything you wish to these rooms. So that this becomes a real eye-catcher. 

Basic furnishing

Are you looking for simplicity and efficiency? Then perhaps a basic tack room suits your taste better. With few and neutral elements, this creates a beautiful whole. 

Clever storage maximizes a small space here, bringing peace and order. The room has a peaceful feel because it uses many wooden elements. This combined with plenty of storage cabinets. Store all saddle carts and stable supplies neatly where everything has its own place. 

Custom made

At Veekens Saddle Rooms, we believe in designing rooms that fit you perfectly. So that we create a tack room that totally meets your unique needs and taste. 

Of course, the most important thing is that you can store all your saddles here. In addition, you can choose all the elements of the interior. Such as luxury LED lighting or the addition of oak in combination with black or colorful elements. 

Making and furnishing of the saddle rooms is possible in all kinds of sizes, from large to small. We can discuss all your wishes. Together we will come to a perfectly fitting result.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in having your own tack room created? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Then together we will discover all the possibilities for you, at Veekens Zadelkamers.